How the Kia Soul Sail Past the Crossover Competition with Well-Rounded Wagon Design

Looking for a reason to cross over into the world of wagons? The Kia Soul offers a funky yet highly functional alternative to the standard crossover SUV design. It doesn't sacrifice any substance for the sake of its unique style, boasting plenty of available features, passenger space, and user-friendly controls. We've found that many Lockwood, Laurel, Hardin and Bozeman area drivers prefer the unique utility of the Soul over the more conventional setup of its rivals, like the Subaru Impreza and Honda Fit. See how the Soul stacks up against these top competitors via the comparison below:

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The Kia Soul versus the Subaru Impreza

  • The Soul can be had at a much lower starting price than the Impreza -- and we know you appreciate money saved.

  • Standard driver-selectable steering settings give the Soul a customized feel. The Soul caters to your driving preference with Normal, Sport, and Comfort modes. The Impreza does not offer this feature.

  • Kia believes that fancy features aren't just for front-seat passengers. Unlike the Impreza, the Soul offers available heated rear outboard seats for cabin-wide comfort.

  • There are two engine options with the Soul, and the engine upgrade out-powers the one-engine Impreza lineup. Oh, yeah -- and it's quicker, too.

  • The Soul is lighter, wider, and taller than the Impreza with greater overall cargo and passenger volume.

The Kia Soul versus the Honda Fit

  • With two engine options, the Soul outperforms the Fit in more ways than one. Both engines are more powerful than the one available option with the Fit.

  • The Soul is small but smart, offering such driver assistance technologies as lane departure and forward collision warnings as well as emergency/roadside assistance and parental controls like geo-fencing and speed tracking.. The Fit cannot come equipped with any of these features.

  • Longer, wider, and taller than the Fit, the Soul again sports more overall cargo and passenger space for an overall more accommodating and comfortable ride.

  • The Fit looks alarmingly ill-equipped when compared to the Soul, which offers available power-folding side mirrors, heated front and rear outboard seats, and much more that the Fit doesn't.

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