While most car owners are diligent about keeping their vehicles clean on the outside, it is also important that they keep the components under the hood clean. At Rimrock Kia in Billings, MT, we strive to help our customers keep their cars in good condition, so follow these simple steps to clean your engine.

Try to clean your engine on a warm day when the humidity is low, and if it's windy, it will help the engine and its components dry faster. If you have been driving your vehicle, be sure to let the engine cool for about 15 minutes.

Remove any plastic covers and the negative component from the battery, but you can completely remove the battery if you prefer. You should cover electrical components with plastic bags. Spray the engine with a degreaser and use a scrub brush with synthetic fibers to remove caked-on dirt and oil. Rinse the engine with a water hose from your home or a sprayer from a carwash. While compressed air is best for drying your engine, you can also use a towel to remove excess water.

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