If you change your tires when they are worn down, it will help with traction, stability, braking, and handling. At Rimrock Kia, our associates share a goal to help our customers stay informed about their vehicles, so here are some warning signs that let you know your tires should be changed.

Excessive vibration when you're driving could mean that your tires are worn. However, it could also be worn shock absorbers or misaligned wheels, but the tires will still become damaged in these situations. It's best to have your tires inspected if you notice too much vibration when you're behind the wheel.

Damage to the sidewall is an indicator that you need a new set of tires. If you notice grooves, cracks, or cuts in the tire tread, then you should have one of our service technicians inspect your tires as soon as possible. Cracks and cuts are signs of a leak developing in the tire.



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