An engine’s belts and hoses are key components to proper operation, and every vehicle owner should know the basics on how to maintain them. The mechanics at Rimrock Kia are experts at caring for all types of passenger vehicles, and we’re standing by to provide additional information or a thorough check-up of your vehicle's belts and hoses when you visit our convenient location in Billings, MT.

Belts and hoses are both made of durable, flexible material, but the similarity ends there. Hoses transport coolant and other fluids throughout the engine while belts are designed to transfer power to engine components or control the timing of engine operations.

Potential signs of trouble with engine belts and hoses include fraying and a brittle, cracked appearance. Worn belts may also cause a squealing sound when the vehicle is running while hoses can develop leaks that show up as stains in areas where the vehicle is regularly parked.

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