Happy Father's Day From Rimrock Kia!

When it comes to growing up, your dad is the one who offers a helping hand along the way. He's there to poke fun at you when you need to lighten up, support you when you need to get down to business, and guide you when you've lost your way. Your dad is like you real-life GPS. Isn't it time you thanked him for everything he does?



Take a moment to show your dad how much he means today. #HappyFathersDay

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At Rimrock Kia, we're excited to celebrate Father's Day. What do dads love almost as much as they love you? Cars! (Heavy emphasis on the almost.) Bring dad over to our store at 412 South 24th St W in Billings, MT. We'll be sure to show him all the great Kia models in our new and used lineup.

Keep love alive -- with Kia.