2016 Kia Soul in Billings, Montana

2016 Kia Soul in Billings Montana at Rimrock

2016 Kia Soul

More fun to drive, more advanced technology, more surprises. We've packed almost everything into the 2016 Soul. Discover what's inside for yourself.

interior of the 2016 Kia Soul

The inside track.

Your living room has some competition. The interior of the 2016 Soul is plusher, quieter, and totally tailored for comfort.

push button start feature
Start something.

Finally the Push-Button Start is located exactly where your mind and body wanted it to be all along.
Instant atmosphere.

Set the mood inside your Soul easily. The light responds to your audio-changing color and intensity based on the track.

Be hot and cold.

Stay cool in the summer with ventilated driver and passenger seats that circulate air. Or stay warm in the winter with heated seats.


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